Hey, thanks for visiting my site!  I’m Masa Higuchi, a Calgary based professional photographer.  I grew up in the beautiful city of North Vancouver, BC surrounded by nature and active people.  After getting my engineering degree at UBC, I spent some time working in Northern Ontario, and am now living in Calgary with my beautiful wife.

Photography had always been a serious hobby for me, but in the last few years I have transitioned from working as a photographer on weekends as a side gig, to now doing this as my primary profession. My favourite subjects to photograph are definitely people.  Landscapes and architecture can also be very interesting, but the best images in my mind are the ones that connect with you through emotion.  The first look between a bride and groom, the candid laughter during a family portrait session, or the elation in the eyes of an athlete crossing the finish line…  these are scenes that can’t be re-created. One of the athletes I look up to the most has a tattoo with the saying “We will never be here again”.  Freezing those special moments in life takes preparation, skill, anticipation, a little bit of luck, and the ability to connect with people through the lens… and that is what keeps me wanting to pursue this art and profession.

Besides capturing photos, I’m also equally passionate about the sport of cycling, travel (Hawaii and south of France being my favourite destinations), food, and coffee. Let’s meet.  Let’s chat.  Let’s connect!

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